43%of the Haitian population are children under 15 years old
5years of formal education completed for the average child in Haiti
20%of Haitian primary school teachers are formally trained

About Anseye Pou Ayiti

We believe that all children can learn and succeed, and we seek to recruit, train, and support high-quality teachers where they are needed most.
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Education is a human right and it has consistently been a valued priority within Haitian society, dating back to public school laws enacted soon after Haiti’s independence in 1804. However, the Haitian education system faces both access and quality challenges, which continue to stifle the potential of generations of children who exit the school system ill-equipped to fully engage as Haitian citizens and contribute to the society’s development. These challenges disproportionally affect children from low socio-economic groups and those from rural areas of Haiti. ANSEYE POU AYITI aims to transform Haiti’s education outcomes so enrolling in primary school without completion is no longer the norm for rural children.