43%of the Haitian population are children under 15 years old
5years of formal education completed for the average child in Haiti
20%of Haitian primary school teachers are formally trained

About The Movement

Anseye Pou Ayiti is a new generation of Haitian civic leaders modeling transformational leadership & advocating for excellence in education for all children. Our movement aims to impact 20,000 civic leaders in Haiti by 2020.
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ANSEYE POU AYITI recruits & equips local teachers in rural primary schools to transform classrooms and communities, building a Haitian-led movement of civic leaders to spread educational equity. The classroom is the unit of execution, and the communities are the unit of change for our movement. Our work is rooted in an appreciation for the assets of local culture, customs, and community, as well as redefining effective leadership as rooted in collective action. Our students will not only thrive academically but are also equipped to be successful citizens throughout their lives.